Welcome, Are you using a travel agent? You should be!

/Welcome, Are you using a travel agent? You should be!

Welcome, Are you using a travel agent? You should be!

Are people still using Travel Agents?

YES!!! But why?

There is a long list of reasons but let us tell you why using a travel agent is going to make your travel experience amazing!

-Was your vacation a bust? There is no way to go back and have a do-over. Using a travel agent can help you plan the perfect vacation because they there to listen, suggest, adjust, understand and become involved in your trip. They are there to make sure everything goes as planned. They will do it all for you and all you have to do is GO!

-Have you had to cancel a trip due to weather? Did you stress out finding a back up plan? Travel agents will be there to help you find new accommodations and help you still enjoy your vacation even if it wasn’t your original plan. Or have you had to cancel a trip last minute? Was it stressful trying to get your money back or rescheduling? Having a travel agent will help ease this process and they will be there to walk you through it.

-Travel agents are human, not a computer screen. They will be there to talk through your ideas and insure you are making the right plans for you and your family. You won’t be clicking and looking through a search bar. Travel agents are invested in their clients’ happiness and want to ensure each trip is going to be remembered for a lifetime. They will be with you before, during, and after your trip.

-Because of their knowledge and experience to make your trip the best it can be, travel agents offer more value for your money. You are not just receiving plans for a trip, you are receiving do’s and don’ts from first hand experiences, suggestions for the best restaurants and sites to see, and much more.

Stay tuned to read about all of our travel experiences here at All Travel. We want to give you the best tips, tricks, suggestions and much more for all of your travel adventures.

Do you love this view? Let us know and we can get you there! This picture was taken by the President of All Travel in one of her many trips to Hawaii. (Kauai, N? Pali Coast State Park)

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